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ADA - Madrid
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In this page you will find the university address, contact information and the list of degrees. For more information on the institution, please follow the official web site link that points to the english version when available, reduced information is usually presented (sometimes less than this page) while spanish version holds the complete contents.

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ADA - Madrid:

Official web site: http://moodle.upm.es/adamadrid
University Information:
ADA - Madrid
Student Services
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 91 336 60 74, from 9:00 to 14:00 hours (Monday to Friday) and from 16:00 to 18:00 (Monday and Wednesday)

This university offers the following Masters, Doctorates, Courses, Careers undergraduate and Graduate degrees:

Course categories

 First Semester
  Learn to take under such schemes by
  Astronomy, celestial mechanics and space exploration
  Medical Botany: recognition and use of medicinal plants
  Reading science: scientific-technical language
  Consumer behavior
  Consciousness and human rights
  Free Culture
  Interactive environments for active learning. Principles and technologies.
  Fundamentals of communication networks: application to bits
  Management skills
  Introduction to telematics
  Introduction to Translation and Interpretation in Public Services
  The library in the palm of the hand
  The Information Society
  Mathematics and Imagination
  Organization of electronic information in the knowledge society
  Comparative Politics of the Third World
  Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  Internet Society
  Free Software
  Is Organic Chemistry? But if it's easy
  What is Emotional Intelligence?. Principles and Applications

 Second Semester
  Natural products chemistry
  Financial Information Analysis for non-economists
  Biodeterioration and biodegradation of materials
  Science and conscience
  Science and technology in history
  Basic knowledge of the legal system and process in Spain
  Basic knowledge of vision to improve professional productivity and daily activity
  Design and edit your own publication
  English intonation to Spanish speakers
  Geometry of yesterday and today
  Major Environmental Challenges of the XXI Century Society
  Introduction to development cooperation
  Introduction to Parasitology
  Introduction to Geological Hazards and Risks
  Introduction to the digital world
  The financing of innovative SMEs
  Physics as a science disciplines. Art, Philosophy, Biology and Medicine, seen by a physician
  The magic of numbers
  The subversion of traditional aesthetic frame. The new aesthetic referents and approaches to contemporary art theory
  Earth as a dynamic system: biogeochemical cycling, global change and its impact on society
  Resource Optimization and Information Technology
  Patent and technology information
  Environmental management systems
  Technology used to aid the disabled and elderly
  Unity and cultural diversity in European history


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